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leslie lynn

By age five, I had my own bedtime radio show. Under my soundproofed quilt with my flashlight microphone, I hosted Dorothy from Oz, Elvis Presley, Eddie Arnold, and the Cincinnati Reds… all the big stars that shone in my little universe in Ohio. I sang with my guests every night until my mother would come and take my flashlight away.


Although my radio show has long gone off the air, it inspired me onto a creative path that eventually led me to regional theatre, my husband, the Stella Adler Conservatory, and a Hell's Kitchen apartment where we raised our daughter and still make our home.


I love what I do. I continue to follow my heart, perfect my craft, and feel grateful for every chance I have to do so.

–Leslie Lynn

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Albert Bramante

CEO / Talent Agent

Tel: 646–389–1604

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Deborah Dotoli


Tel: 212–380–3103

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